About the Series

Werelove is a YA/New adult dark paranormal romance series that got its start back in 2008 after a really dark time in my life. I was starting over and so much mental weight and other issues were lifting from my overburdened shoulders. I was at a point, too, where I wanted to get back to writing after suffering a drought.

I’ve always loved shifters, not just werewolves. I wanted to also tackle the YA genre, especially because of the all the news reports about bullying, prejudice, violence, single-parent homes and other issues that affect today’s teens.

And thus, Werelove was born.


Laylah’s story arc covers Werelove books 1-5 (Dusk Conspiracy, Midnight Revelations, Night Betrayals, Dawn Metamorphosis, and book 5 [forthcoming]).


2/13/2021 update: The Werelove Chronicles, Volume 1 is in the editing stage. This spin-0ff series is a journal-style anthology of side stories for many of the major and secondary characters. It takes you on a more in-depth look at the men and women behind the characters.