Werelove Chronicles Pre-Order

New Terra, a verdant planet, home to shifters and humans. Each society’s rules and hierarchy are unique, yet volatile when they intersect. These are the stories of the movers and shakers of New Terra.

Donil Silentshadow: Young and brash, this Alpha-to-be has much to learn about ruling himself before he can rule others.

Britta Newsome: A feisty human and best friend to Laylah Le Croix, Britta’s involvement in Were politics is long and tangled. Will she be able to pick a side?

Zina McFin: Arrogant and proud, this Were Alpha has no problem taking on the world, even if it means becoming a villainess.

Stefan McJeysen: Self-proclaimed loner and werewolf bad boy, Stefan is a rebel without a cause until he meets someone who changes his world.

Drayden Morales: Controlled and lethal, this mighty werebear is leashed to a she-bear who makes Were Society dance to her tune. Will he be able to free himself to become his own man?

Miguel Garcia: A young man with a tragic past who must look to the future to mend his heart. What will he choose when the love of his life is held hostage by another?