#1 Excerpt – Werelove Chronicles: Friend or Foe


New Terra, a verdant planet, home to shifters and humans. Each society’s rules and hierarchy are unique, yet volatile when they intersect. These are the stories of the movers and shakers of New Terra.

Donil Silentshadow: Young and brash, this Alpha-to-be has much to learn about ruling himself before he can rule others.

Britta Newsome: A feisty human and best friend to Laylah Le Croix, Britta’s involvement in Were politics is long and tangled. Will she be able to pick a side?

Zina McFin: Arrogant and proud, this Were Alpha has no problem taking on the world, even if it means becoming a villainess.

Stefan McJeysen: Self-proclaimed loner and werewolf bad boy, Stefan is a rebel without a cause until he meets someone who changes his world.

Drayden Morales: Controlled and lethal, this mighty werebear is leashed to a she-bear who makes Were Society dance to her tune. Will he be able to free himself to become his own man?

Miguel Garcia: A young man with a tragic past who must look to the future to mend his heart. What will he choose when the love of his life is held hostage by another?

Britta Newsome
Journal #1 – January 2210

Today was a fantastic day! Mama let me stay home from school because it’s my birthday! Today I’m seven and Mama says that I’ve grown a lot! I don’t think so but that’s okay.

Papa got us tickets to see the new play, Ray and the Fox, at the Tampeh Playhouse on Saturday. That’s three more days. I can’t wait!

Mama gave me this journal. I didn’t understand what it was and she told me that journals were things children did on old Earth. She says that it’s good to put all my thoughts and feelings in it. She said that when I can’t tell things right away to put them in my journal to make my mind and heart straight. I don’t know what that means but I like this.

She said that it can keep secrets and make wishes come true, too. I don’t have many secrets because Mama and Papa said secrets are bad. Well, not always. Sometimes they can be good if it’s a nice surprise or something like that.

I do have one secret. I do have a secret wish. Do you want to hear it, Miss Diary?

Okay, I’ll tell you. I really want a best friend. I have friends but not a best friend. None of the other kids like what I like and some think my Papa is scary. I want a friend who likes me and Papa and Mama.

So, Miss Diary, please, please, please bring me a best friend. I wish for it with all my heart.

I’m sleepy so good night, Miss Diary.


Journal #2 – September 2211

Miss Diary, today was a strange day. Our teacher, Miss Beverly, let us meet a new girl. The other kids thought she was weird. I think she looks scared.
A tall, bald man brought her and he never smiled. He made me afraid. The girl has skin the color of mama’s favorite coffee. And her eyes, they are green. Not like my brown ones. And she has long red hair. No one else has hair that long.

I think that’s why the others giggled and pointed. It made me mad. Mama and Papa both say that making fun of others is rude. I was happy when Miss Beverly put the new girl next to me.

I didn’t get to talk to her until recess. I had to save her from Billy. He’s such a bully! He always pulls girls’ hair and knocks them down. Well, he doesn’t knock me down. I hit him when he tried that one time and he hasn’t bothered me since.

Of course, he went over to the new girl and pulled her hair so hard she screamed. Then he pushed and she fell on a rock and cut her hand. That made me so angry that I jumped on his back and punched him in the head until he ran away crying liking a baby to Miss Beverly.

I helped the girl up and took her inside to wash her cut. I found out that her name is Laylah and that this was the first time she had ever gone to school.

I thought that was strange. Don’t all kids go to school together? Oh, well. I put a bandage on her cut and hugged her. I think I surprised her because she made a scared face and didn’t hug me back.

I told her that I want to be friends and she smiled then. We shook on it. Maybe she will be my best friend forever.

Thanks, Miss Diary, for making my wish come true.

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