#4 Excerpt – Dawn Metamorphosis


“Sometimes I think that misery craves my scent. Then again, so does chaos.”

Laylah, enslaved by Were customs and the will of her abusive husband, Alpha Yon, fights to win back her independence and happiness.

Her heart is pulled in opposite directions by two very different men. Miguel, steadfast and loyal, wants more than just friendship. Donil, her first love, and true mate, desires to keep her safe but his Alpha ways keep coming between them.

With a baby on the way, Laylah must make a choice: become a Were in truth, or stay forever enslaved by Alpha Yon.

Will the price of living her dreams be too high when faced with the force of Were customs?

Gayleanah, Alask Territory

The light from outside did nothing to dispel the cold of the cave’s interior. Not that the cloaked visitor cared. The message that needed to be delivered couldn’t wait.

Up ahead, the gradual increasing luminosity of the meeting cavern’s interior light chased away the shadows of the corridor.

“Halt! Who dares enter uninvited?”

The visitor stopped, straightened, and announced in a ringing tone, “I am Mya. I come with news for the Council. Specifically for Ruhigen Jager.”

The stirring and surprised murmuring of the room’s inhabitants washed over Mya who stood her ground.

“Let her through.”

She shivered. That deep bass rumble meant the Head Meister was in attendance. Not good, Mya thought as she glided by the sentries and strode to the center of the room.


“Meister Wilhelm Bade, the serpent has left its nest and is taking the hawk’s egg with it.”

Mya flinched at the bellows of outrage at her announcement. She waited until the noise died down before speaking once more.

“Meister, what would you like to do?”

The burly, balding council head grinned and fear danced down her spine.

“Retrieve the egg.”

“I understand, my Meister.”

“And, Mya?”


“Give your big brother, Donil, my regards.”

Mya twitched but kept her expression emotionless. “Yes, my Meister.”

She bowed and hurried from the room. She only made it as far as the second corridor when a willowy figure blocked her path. Mya’s gaze swung to the person’s face and she relaxed.

Mya crossed her arms and chided, “Ruhigen Jager, you scared me!”

“If I gave you fear then you need to bolster your spirit.”

Mya grimaced. She didn’t need another lecture.

“Well, I’m off.” She waved and turned to continue on her way.

She halted when Ruhigen Jager’s hand touched her shoulder. She didn’t move but listened softly to the whispered words.

“Mya, bring back my prey and I’ll reward you for the assist.”

Mya grinned, a pleased growl escaping her lips.

“You’ve got yourself a deal.”

With a smirk and a final wave, she shifted into panther form and bounded away, her mind on the hunt that lay ahead of her.

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