Jacques Lyser – Journal #1

Jacques Lyser – Journal #1

Journal #1
April 2180

Today my father brought me to the Le Croix estate house. I am nervous. Father has informed me that I am to be a servant and Beta to the twin who becomes Alpha. I don’t know why Father is so confident that I will be a Beta. No one knows the strength of a Were until the twenty-first birthday.

Not that I would argue with Father. I’m not crazy or brave. We’ve made it inside and I can hear the voices of children. I turn and see two very different boys chasing each other down the huge staircase.

I watch silently as they make it to the bottom and immediately start fighting, rolling around, growling and clawing each other. I was shocked. What kind of bad manners were these?

My father growled something under his breath that I didn’t catch before he went to the two and pulled them apart. He gave each a hard shake and sent them off in different directions.

He turned to me and I stood up straight.

“Remember, my son. It is our honor and privilege to continue serving the Le Croix as we have for nine generations.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Come. Let me show you the rest of your new home.”

Smiling, I fell in step with my father. This really was going to be a fun job.