Jacques Lyser – Journal #3

Jacques Lyser – Journal #3

Journal #3
June 2190

It has been a fast ten years and the twins are now fifteen. Never have two brothers been more different!

Stefan is quiet but the way his mind works is scary. He thinks deeply and comes up with some of the most amazing and creative ideas to solve problems. Or cause them, especially when it comes to his twin, Henry.

Henry is charismatic and draws people to him. Unlike Stefan who will happily skulk in a corner, Henry likes to be seen and heard by anyone near him. He, too, is highly intelligent but a bit more logical than Stefan. Some might even say manipulative.

I shadow the brothers all hours of the day and I have to say, I personally prefer Stefan. He does care about other people’s feelings. Maybe a little too much.

I think Henry is the one who will be Alpha. Stefan doesn’t have that commanding presence about him. So, I stay by my future Alpha’s side in all he does. My father approves as does Alpha Le Croix and his mate, Lady Cecily.

I want to do my job well, giving no cause for complaint. That is my honor as a son of the house of Lyser.