Jacques Lyser – Journal #2

Jacques Lyser – Journal #2

Journal #2
August 2185

Very little can shock me and I’ve seen plenty of things over these past five years of being with the Le Croix family.

The twins keep me on my toes but I always have enjoyed challenges. My father says they keep a man sharp.

Today was interesting. The three of us were on our way back to the mansion after taking a run in the forest. Henry, of course, won the race with Stefan coming in a close second. They got into a scuffle about the results when Stefan accused Henry of cheating.

I didn’t see anything and so when they looked to me to settle it, I had to side with Henry much to Stefan’s ire. He changed back to wolf, making a beeline for the mansion.

Henry and I gave chase and caught him a mile from the backyard. We changed back to human and I scolded Stefan for running away.

He petulantly glared at me and remained like that all the way to the back door. We slipped inside. Stefan stuck his tongue out at me and fled to his room. I shook my head and grabbed the snacks.

Henry and I sat. I set out the food and was about to take a bite when Henry tapped my hand.

I looked over at him and froze. He had the most serious expression on his face.

“Jacques, when I become Alpha you will be mine and have to obey me forever.”

Startled, I could only stare at the ten-year-old beside me. Where in the world had THAT come from?

“Um, Henry, I will obey whoever becomes Alpha.”

“I know. That will be me.”

He went back to eating his food and I was left with much to ponder.